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Solutions for Payment Networks

How we reduce fraud, reduce chargebacks, protect brands and unburden customer service.

Benefit from a combination of technologies


Our automated friend makers. Ambassadors create identities and introduce themselves as many ways as possible. Once leaked these identities become subject to fraud attempts.


Human specialists to analyse the generated data and reports. Researching directions and verifying the detections.

Machine Learning

AI models to detect patterns and input into metrics for the scanner to classify fraudulent communication.

Legal Expertise

Investigation is carried out legally and ethically. Evidence identified provides a solid base to act on and is permissible in court.

Market problems

How your system is being abused by scammers

Fighting the increasing problem of sophisticated scams cannot be solved by classic fraud detection tools.  The consumer is willingly making the payment and will confirm CAPTCHA and comply with multi-factor authentication barriers.

Our solution focuses on early detection and documenting scams so measures are taken to:

  • Block payment
  • Block scam website
  • Document the case

Scams have ‘improved’ significantly over the past years, making it impossible to distinguish for even the most cautious consumer.

How we block fraud

How we solve fraud

We break the business model of the fraudster and document the fraud in a technical and legally solid way.

The main goal is to detect scams early so action can be taken quickly. We use several measures:

  • We detect scams that are responsible for 90% of all scam revenue on credit card
  • We scan multiple channels: email; social media; push notifications; SMS messages; WhatsApp messages to physical mail
  • Domain name scanning to detect future scams
  • In-depth analytics of scam flows
  • Investigation entities and ultimate beneficial owners
  • Creating a legal solid dossier so action can be taken that stands up in court thus avoiding liability
Why we do, what we do

Why we solve fraud

Fraud protection is important as scams will impact both payment providers and consumers, thereby creating revenue streams that are not regulatory controlled and typically used for money laundering;  financing terrorism and/or criminal activities.

Our tooling blocks malignant payments which enables payment providers to find sustainable revenue within challenging markets.


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We offer custom solutions for payment networks to protect their customers, brand and services.

Uncontrolled high risk merchants are a regulatory, financial and public relations risk to every acquirer.
F. van Rotterdam
Founder Bluetrust
Scams can seriously impact major brands top-line revenue if not contained. Once the brand-name becomes a proprietary eponym for fraud it's too late to stop the decline.
R. Wouters
Founder Bluetrust

Solutions for Payment Networks

How we reduce fraud, reduce chargebacks, protect brands and unburden customer service.