Maximise your Margin of Safety

Blue Trust monitors interaction between the consumer and merchant. Our systems detect covert and clandestine behaviour, that gives reason to believe misconduct.


Know Your Transactions (KYT)

Blue Trust signals you to investigate transactions before the upcoming settlements and enable you to initiate countermeasures to prevent AML violations, fraud and friendly fraud.

The interaction between the consumer and merchant is the earliest and most leading indicator for money laundering, terrorism finance and fraud. Well known in point of sale, yet currently not applied in ecommerce.

Blue Trust knows what to look for in this online behaviour.

From the moment a consumer enters a website, Blue Trust captures the interaction between the consumer and the merchant.

Looking at this valuable source of data, you maximise your margin of safety.

How Blue Trust Works

Via our surveillance plugin, we collect customer behavior metadata on the merchant website.

Blue Trust deducts patterns in customer behavior by tracking over 200 data points.

Our solution is lightweight, GDPR-compliant and easy to install.

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